Everybody understands the middle finger. It’s the universal language for F**K YOU.

The middle finger transcends race, languages, genders, it holds no prejudice. When someone gives you the finger, you know that what it means. It’s an emotion that everybody is entitled to feel – a universal tool for communication.

At the most superficial level, flipping the bird basically means “F**K OFF”, but when we dive deeper it really represents a lot more than that. The middle finger is an open, straight forward, and honest message letting someone know how you feel, and it’s something which the world could use a little bit more of right now.


The Finger NFT is a new project run by people who have just had enough of this sh*t. We have had enough derivative collections (flipped this and doodle that), hyper realistic piece of crap, and over complicated utility mechanics and $TOKENOMICS. Let’s go back to the days where NFTs were just pure and expressive.

Despite what you may think the middle finger means, we aren’t using it as a symbol of negativity but as a symbol of the things we love. Simplicity, fun art, and good vibes are being lost as NFTs are trying too hard to offer passive income, baby versions, P2E mechanics, doing your dishes, and washing your car.

Let’s just take it back to the basics, make things f**king simple and direct for once. We’ll take a collective deep breath, and give this whole situation The Finger.


We’ll be dropping 5,000 NFTs onto the Ethereum blockchain in the form of pixelated middle fingers. Each of our designs is composed of randomly generated traits, offering completely unique NFTs for all of our holders.
Designs will feature a range of traits such as rings, tattoos, gloves and backgrounds that determine rarity.


You’ve probably guessed by now, but we’ve got a similar attitude when it comes to our roadmap. No generic bullsh*t from us, no unrealistic promises, no copypasta ideas – we’re just gonna tell it like it is:

Stage 1
A Handful of Fingers (Mint)

When our NFTs find their way onto the blockchain, we’ll just give some sh*t away. Why bother setting unobtainable milestones for people to strain over. You don’t need to rank up in our Discord, or keep notifs on twitter, make Picasso level fan art, or send nudes. Just show up and join us with what we want to achieve.

Stage 2
Bringing the Finger into the Metaverse

Our next step is a big one - quite literally.
To further our message and put our finger where our mouth is, we’ll buy a piece of land in the metaverse and erect a massive statue of The Finger. It’ll be a big F**k You and Hello to anyone who passes by and wants to learn what we’re about. When all these derivs and projects with NSA encryption level tokenomics come by and say
“Hey what’s that? Looks interesting”… when they get close and read the fine print they’ll realize we’re talking to them.

Stage 3
We’ll keep Going and Giving people the Finger

Our journey doesn’t end here - but we’re not sure where it will take us next. We don’t want to make false promises, but we want to continue with our community to move the project forward. We can’t say for certain how yet, but we’ll keep looking for ways to give back as we move to the next phases of this project. Keep vibing, hang with us, and have a good time – let’s see where this takes us.



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Are you f**king kidding me? You shouldn’t be here if you don’t know what an NFT is. Seriously, go DYOR or you are NGMI.

FREE mint (you just pay gas), maximum 20 mints per transaction!

The Finger NFT owners have full commercial rights to the art in their owned wallets. There are no monetary limits on earnings on merchandise, derivatives or other commercial uses.

It is our opinion that a blockchain transaction satisfies the legal requirement for copyright transfer. So copyright ownership of each individual image is adjudicated by the Ethereum address for which the non-fungible token (NFT) of that image is assigned. Upon transfer or sale of the NFT to a new owner, the previous owner gives up all claims to the copyright.

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